“Our mission is practical- based training enabled by applied technologies to render each student, learner, participant or graduate online and onsite to be competitive in today’s job market both locally and internationally.”
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Vecademy is a higher learning professional training institution based in Yaoundé Cameroon that provides online and onsite training for certifications and diplomas and in Technology, Management and Languages.

Our training focuses on practical and hands-on skills acquisition with classes and labs of international standard both online and onsite to prepare professionals and students for the business world, getting them ready for employment and career advancement both locally and internationally.

All our diploma and certification courses are done online and onsite, with only a select few courses requiring onsite practical trainings programmed by the institution for some specialized courses.


We provide quality diploma and certification training onsite at our campus at Bastos- Nkoleton, Yaounde, Cameroon. Vecademy’s online classes are held through the use of live meetings with instructors, simulation softwares, digital libraries, virtual laboratories, course management systems, and a robust learning management system for studies.

Our E-Learning is done through a well-integrated learning management platform used for all of our online diploma and certification training programs. Our platform is designed to simulate the same interactive experiences of the traditional classrooms via video conferencing tools that permits our students to interact in real-time with their classmates and professors without needing to be physically present in the classroom, and via online forums for continuous exchange of ideas during and after class.